New Name and Logo Reflects Renewed Emphasis on Growth Platform for Subsidiary Companies

Stockton, CA – November 16, 2023 – The Maloney Group, a leading demolition and abatement company, rebranded today to Precizion Partners (Precizion) to emphasize its renewed strategic initiatives and its growth and acquisition strategy throughout California. The company is currently comprised of W.C. Maloney and Professional Asbestos and Lead Services (PALS), leaders in the fields of demolition and remediation, respectively. In a highly fragmented construction industry segment, Precizion Partners is utilizing 30+ years of demolition and abatement experience to purpose-build a platform delivering unparalleled services to their customers. The new brand and logo personify scalability in existing and future partnerships in an industry that requires deep expertise, innovation, and an unwavering attention to detail.

“Precizion Partners was launched with the bold goal of building a different kind of company,” said Joel Leineke, President of Precizion Partners. “The Maloney Group initially brought together two strong complementary companies. Precizion is looking to scale that growth and create a technology-enabled platform with expanding services and an aligning culture of safety, efficiency, and responsiveness. We want to build a premier partner for our customers.”

Precizion’s improved branding will provide a better understanding of the company’s mission, vision, and values, with enhanced customer experiences and value-added services. The unique spelling of the new name and logomark design points to Precizion’s detail-orientation from A to Z in all that the company does.

Precizion’s strategy includes expanding more aggressively into the Bay Area and southern California, as well as looking to expand services to fill identified gaps so partners can have a true one-stop shop for all facets of the demolition and remediation space.

About Precizion Partners

Precizion Partners is a leading demolition and remediation company serving the construction industry throughout California. Precizion currently has subsidiaries W.C. Maloney and Professional Asbestos and Lead Removal Services (PALS) under management and is looking to grow their platform through acquisitions to create a full-service company delivering unparalleled efficiencies, safety, and performance.

Visit the Precizion Partners website at to learn more.