Demolition is more than just knocking things down. For successful and safe demolition projects, you need a partner that has the experience, the technical skill, and the equipment necessary to do the job right. We are applauded for our collaboration on creative solutions for difficult jobs, and we have in-house engineering to lead the way.


Featured Project

Bridge Demolition of Moffett Boulevard Overcrossing at US 101


When Caltrans and a team of subcontractors needed help on a particularly difficult bridge demolition project on the Moffet Boulevard overcrossing at Hwy 101 in Mountain View, one of the first calls was to W.C. Maloney’s (WCM) bridge demolition expert Glenn Sweesy. This 60-year-old bridge sustained damage that reduced the permit load capacity significantly. Because of the unconventional (by today’s standards) construction of the bridge, Caltrans required an experienced demolition contractor.

WCM received the scope and complexity summary of the project and was able to incorporate details from the similarly complex Industrial Parkway bridge demo in Hayward they had worked on with Caltrans. WCM’s detailed, creative project plan for the bridge demolition and installation of a girder was turned quickly and accepted that same day. Caltrans was pleased with WCM’s demolition expertise and participation with the team to enable the successful completion of the full closure of US 101 for just one night to get the complex project completed.

Featured Project

Seismic Retrofit of Ahwahnee Hotel

Light demo i core drilling

Built in 1927, the historic Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park needed to be brought into compliance with current California earthquake building codes, seismic safety, and accessibility standards. The National Park Service chose Perini Management Services to manage, perform, and to bring in a team of expert contractors to help with the seismic retrofit. W.C. Maloney (WCM) was specifically contracted by Roebbelen to provide core drilling and demolition services. 

WCM was tasked with replacing the structural deficiencies in the concrete flooring around the Ahwahnee’s kitchen, and stabilizing the large chimneys, fireplace, and support walls. This highly technical seismic strengthening project was made more challenging by the extensive variation in the chimneys, eaves, roof lines, and materials of the hotel. 

WCM’s core drilling expertise was showcased over the course of the ongoing project. The chimneys are of historical importance, so they needed to be preserved and stabilized with particular care. We needed to drill 14-16 feet through chimneys made of brick and boulders, some 110’ tall, working on extensive scaffolding erected to reach the various sections. Two-inch cores were drilled to enable the supporting rebar to get through the chimneys. Overall, the core drilling component of this seismic retrofit project required drilling some 30 holes with technical expertise and zero margin for error, while working through winter and heavy snow conditions.We are proud of our ability to enhance the infrastructure while ensuring the Ahwahnee Hotel remained open and operating. 

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