Asbestos, lead, and mold are all serious health threats that need to be professionally removed. Dangers like these should be handled with Precizion. As California’s premier remediation experts, you can trust us to successfully remove the threat and restore your sense of security.


Featured Project

Remediation for St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, CA

Asbestos Abatement

St. Rose Hospital is an independent, non-profit community hospital in Hayward, CA. During a renovation project on one of the floors of the hospital, hazardous asbestos was found in the flooring. Many old buildings like this one were built with asbestos-containing materials that require a remediation contractor to assist in proper removal.

PALS was hired to abate 13,000 square feet of asbestos-containing floor tiles and mastic (a sealant or adhesive for the floor tiles). Cleanup entailed removing all the interior contents and installing plastic on all the walls and floors. This remediation process ensured that all hazardous materials were safely contained and removed, and any contaminated debris properly disposed of. Given PALS’ extensive experience providing asbestos abatement services, as well as strict adherence to timelines and industry-leading safety metrics, we are often called upon to work in highly sensitive buildings such as hospitals and schools.

Featured Project

Remediation for Central Elementary School in Tracy, CA

Asbestos Abatement

Central Elementary School in Tracy, CA was close to 100 years old and needed to be torn down for safety reasons. As with many older buildings, asbestos was present in many of the building materials and a full asbestos abatement was required before demolition could begin. The land was earmarked for future school fields and other small buildings, compounding the requirement for extensive and safe removal.

The project entailed the abatement of drywall, plaster, floor tile, boilers, roofing, and pipe removal throughout the buildings. The work was painstaking in the variety and complexity of the surfaces that PALS team members needed to address, even crawling under the buildings to remove pipes containing asbestos. All of this required delicate remediation work to ensure the asbestos didn’t become airborne and harm the school environment.

To add to the complexity of this asbestos abatement project, the Tracy Unified School District wanted to save the building’s historic exterior bricks. These red bricks proved extraordinarily difficult to remove in one piece. However, PALS team members carefully removed and cleaned 1,000 square feet of brick, going above and beyond to save as many large pieces as possible. School donors and town residents were then given the sanitary pieces of this historic building as mementos.

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